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Команда Innovo


Відгуки пацієнтів

  • I can freely move without fear of experiencing pain “Innovo” is a breath of fresh air in the field of physical rehabilitation. I contacted the center with pain in my quadratus lumborum muscle. As soon as I came to the center, I felt the care and attentiveness. This is what I call a qualified approach to each and every patient. I was examined quickly and had my program of treatment compiled. I noticed some improvement already after the first training. After a course of physiotherapy, all pain and discomfort in the lumbar section of my spine disappeared. And for the first time in these few months I felt that I can move freely, without anticipating pain. I want to sincerely thank this team of extremely talented professionals of the rehabilitation center and personally to Mr. Yaropolk for their care, concern and professionalism.

    I wish you all success and prosperity!

    Denys Spektor

  • April 26, 2012 turned out to be ill-fated day for our family... This was the day my husband suffered an acute stroke. But God took pity on us and since that everything has gone on the mend.

    In October 2013, we learned about the opening of the Rehabilitation Center “Innovo”, where we immediately sought help. We were met by the specialists. Each morning my husband with great pleasure rushes to the center, where he regains anew his bodily functions, receives new impressions from a wonderful specialist, Mr. Igor. For us, every day brings something new, we rejoice with each new movement. We believe that this center will bring about a full recovery for my husband. We are very happy that we made a right choice and had the rehabilitation course at “Innovo”, the centre which corresponds to European standards. Thank you all, and especially to Mr. Yaropolk and Mr.Igor - you are the best. May God bless you for further work!

    Sincerely thankful,

    Mykytchak family

  • Received a lot of positive emotions We first visited the rehabilitation center “Innovo” in Lviv, where we received a lot of positive impressions and good emotions. First of all, it's the atmosphere of this place: this peaceful atmosphere, the hospitality, generosity, and especially the manifestation of concern for each visitor, a sincere desire to help those in need. I want to note that especially pleasantly surprises the individual approach prior to the beginning of the work with a child - an establishment of friendly rapport, so that during those intensive hours of rehabilitation one may hear kids' artless laughter. For moms this is a great happiness, a guarantee of success and further achievements of the child.

    From the parents and sister of Oksanka we would like to express our gratitude to the whole team of “Innovo” for the great work you do for our children, your ability to love and accept something “different”, something “special”, and for this great manifestation of humanity.

    Our whole family is very happy that Lviv has “Innovo”!!! Good luck to you, wishing you great achievements in the development of your rehabilitation practice.

    Sincerely grateful,

    Family of Oksana Pelenska

  • We began visiting rehabilitation center “Innovo ” and after two weeks of rehabilitation, Yura became more energetic and active. And his first independent 11 steps he made with the words: “Look mom, I walk on my own". It is the most profound happiness for me, we're very pleased with the results.

    I want to express my most sincere gratitude to the staff of “Innovo” for their work, for giving hope to our children, so they could feel better and more confident. Thanks to all the staff for their care and patience. I wish everyone good health and prosperity!

    Mother of Yuriy Kiselev

  • First of all, I am very grateful to the employees of the center “Innovo” for their being friendly, hardworking, attentive and kind. Secondly, they helped me stand upright and so I finally felt that I was standing on my own two feet! They help other kids feel stronger. In the center “Innovo” there is an atmosphere of love, tenderness and care. And yet it is such fun.

    I came up with a rhyme for the suit “Adeli”:
    Suit “Adeli”
    Can only models wear.
    Because it’s true: I am a model
    and I wear a suit “Adeli”.


    Thank you! (Mother)

    Ksenia Gvozdyak