Sophia Souchelnytska Cunha, Department for children


A big thank you to the amazing staff at INNOVO!
Your inspiring dedication, professionalism and endurance to Sophia’s crying is outstanding.
You are all very special people! It is incredibly rewarding to see such a young team in action, touching and changing so many children’s lives.
Our family is extremely grateful to your help improving our baby girl’s motor skills and be so kind to accommodate to our limited time frame here in Lviv. What an impressive team you are!
To Taras and Natalia our warmest thank you! You were amazing with Sophia! Keep up the incredible work you are doing!

Sara and Nazariy

Yuliya Lytvynova, Department for adults

Upon entering the “Innovo” rehabilitation center, I immediately perceived that here work true specialists in their field. The trainings are conducted with all the needs and peculiarities of each patient in mind. Here you may feel that while they work they give all they have got.
They wish and try to help everyone in need of their help. I contacted the rehabilitation center with pain in my lumbosacral section.
After the rehabilitation course completion, I felt considerable relief. My range of motion increased, my gait improved.
Thank you for your professionalism, care, kind attitude.
You’d want to return here again and again!

Lytvynova Yuliya

Sofiya Klynovska, Department for children


I hope that your work will bring results aplenty

I am sincerely thankful to all the staff of “ Innovo” for their work with my daughter Sofiya, their warmth and understanding. I hope that your work will bring results aplenty. I hope that we will meet again!

With my most sincere thanks to your staff,
Iryna and Sofiya

Oksana Kovalyova, Department for children


Thank you for our new steps and movements, which came true with your help

I am Oksana. I am 17 years old.
Thank you!
For the support and for the fact that you exist. For our steps and movements, that became reality with your help.
I wish you success in everything you do!!!
I am sincerely thankful to you, Innovo!

Oksanka’s parents
Mother Tanya
Father Myroslav

Iryna Kulyshkina, Department for adults


Thanks to your recreation therapists
It was the first time we had a training of such quality

Best of thanks to your recreation therapists. We are already 22 years old and we have been training since birth,2-3 rehab courses per year. It was the first time we had such high-quality training. Girls train us in a proper way, share all their knowledge, and the results we may see in the improvement of our movemental ability! We are so thankful! With the first available opportunity, we will came to you again!

Iryna and Mother

Stanislav Ilnytskyi, Department for children


On football and dancing

Thanks to all the “INNOVO” staff for their fruitful work.
We hope, that our second meeting will end in football and dancing.
I wish you success in your work.


Liliya Stecyk, Department for children


Thanks to the “INNOVO” family

I sincerely thank the “INNOVO” family for the “hearth and home” ambience we felt during trainings with my daughter! You, with your kindness, sincerity, humanity, professionalism, motivate my child to work harder for better results!
Those two weeks my baby, was happier due to your work over her body!
Lilia thinks that you are her friends now and believes that her new friends will help her become healthy!!!
With my deepest gratitude, those two weeks my baby, was happier due to your work over her body!

Lilia’ s mother
Oksana Stecyk
Good luck to you!!!
See you soon!

Justyna Tymus, Department for children


My daughter has made significant progress

A big thank you to all the staff of “INNOVO” for the rehabilitation of our daughter Yustyna.
Thank your for all your hard work, friendly atmosphere and creative approach to training with our daughter, she achieved considerable success.
We were glad to meet you and we hope to visit you again in the land of the “INNOVO”.

Family of Yustyna Tymus

Avdiy Iyber, Department for children


I think we found just the right center for us

We have just completed our first course of rehabilitation at the center “Innovo”.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff at “Innovo” for their fruitful work. The physical therapists befriended our son in such short a time, they are the consummate professionals, not only physical therapists, but excellent psychologists. They know how to find a singularly unique approach to each child, not just one that would make the kid shed no tears, but one with which the child would happily rush into training with a big smile on his/her face. The vibe here is very friendly!
We wish you professional growth and inspiration!

P.S.I think we found just the right center for us 🙂

With respect and gratitude,
Iyber family

Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region


Our child is receiving something much greater than just new motor skills from the rehabilitation

Center “INNOVO” – a fabulous workshop, where tireless gold-hearted and sharp-minded elves do extremely complex tasks. But their work is really difficult – they find a specific approach to each child, teaching them new skills.
You can’t even call “INNOVO” by that routine name “Rehabilitation Center”, because “INNOVO” differs from institutions of this type in a substantial way.
Sometimes I wonder where these physical therapists get their high energy levels from. Now I know the answer. They just pour their hearts and souls into their work. And the children feel that. These fairytale elves encourage the child to work in a game-based form.
Our child is receiving something much greater than just new motor skills from the rehabilitation. Our son is becoming more resilient during physical activity, more sociable and independent, now new words always emerge in the course of a rehab session.
I sincerely thank the entire “ІNNOVO” staff , all the professionals who worked with us: Chrystyna, Taras, Oksana, Zackhar, Yuliya, as well as Ira and Adriana .
You are all wonderful people, You are all experts in the field!!!

P. S.To all parents looking for high-quality rehabilitation and an individual approach, if you really want your child to be healthy, we advice you to reach out to “ІNNOVO”. Because here they listen with their hears and open up their souls to our children.
Thanks for everything!

Anna Zayac, Department for children


Thank you for your ability to become not only an instructor but a friend to child

To live is to fight (Seneca)
Thank you for your ability to become not only an instructor but a friend to child. Thanks for the unique person – centered approach that you find for each child.
During this time, my girl not only fell in love with you, but fully trusted you during the exercises, a thing which she was afraid to do before.
Thank you for your patience, understanding, kindness and sincere attitude towards children. Thank you for your professionalism and your being conscientious in what you are doing.
I wish happiness, health, prosperity to all of you!
Thank you!

Family Zayac

Carolina Fomichova, Department for children


Laborious work for the results’ sake, not just for labour’s sake

Carolina and I, visited this wonderful center for the first time. And – most definitely – not for the last time. This is one of the few centers in Ukraine, where all the elements necessary for a successful rehabilitation come together : friendly, cohesive team + warm atmosphere and an individual approach to every child and, of course, hard work towards the results, not just for work’s own sake. Guys,you are great! I am happy that I found such treasured professionals as you guys; thank you for being there!!!

Carolina and Maria Fomicheva,

Ismail, Odessa region

Christina Miliyanchuk, Department for adults

Got rid of the fear to make a new step

Last year I saw for myself as one – literally- careless step can cause very unpleasant consequences. The pain in my leg brought about restriction in movement, fatigue and irritation, ruthlessly stealing my time and sleep. However, short periods of remission were filled with fear of the pain returning. Finally, the idea that it will “go away on its own” has turned into the belief that the time has come to contact the experts.
Why Innovo? Despite the relatively short history of the center, this is the name I have heard from my friends that have successfully overcome the diseases of locomotor apparatus, and as to the credibility of the numerous positive reviews found on the Internet, soon I had the opportunity to personally make sure they are true.
The center “Innovo” meets the standards of modern medicine. Impeccable doctor-patient work organization, the thorough diagnostics, an individual approach to the patient, are the factors that on my first visit attributed to my confidence in the team. I became sure of the high professional level and responsibility of doctors and therapists right at the start of my therapy course, when I noticed the positive dynamics. Daily trainings in well-equipped hall, under the supervision of therapists, allowed me to achieve significant results in a short period of time. I would also like to mention the kindness, empathy and general optimism of the whole team, their enthusiasm and desire for self-improvement.
In a month spent in the casual atmosphere of intense practice, I not only improved my physical condition, but also got rid of my fear of trying something new. I gained a better understanding of the way the human body functions and how to live in harmony with my own.I am trying to banish all memories of how I used to grade various kinds of activity – mostly in accordance with the amount of physical exertion they demanded.
And getting to know young, highly qualified specialists in Innovo increased my in the prospects of our national medicine.

Christina Miliyanchuk

Angelina Swed, Department for children


Thank you most sincerely for the treatment!

Many thanks to the staff of the center “Innovo” for their excellent work and individual approach to our child.
I want to express my gratitude to the staff for their professionalism and that you spent a lot of time with us. For a comfortable atmosphere, attentive and friendly attitude.
Thank you most sincerely for treatment!

Angelina, 7 years

m. Zhovti Vody, Dnipropetrovsk region

Mariana Golub, Department for adults

From the first minutes of stay in “Innovo” I realized that I was “in good hands”

I have been bothered by lower back pain for a long time. The doctors I consulted, were saying: “You are all right, you are healthy!”, they advised me to take swimming classes and gymnastics. However, despite the implementation of these recommendations, the pain did not go away. I learned about “Innovo” from a friend who advised me to come in for a consultation. And I am very glad that I listened to her! As soon as I entered “Innovo” I realized that I was in good hands. At the first consultation, it was explained to me in detail what the problem is and why there is this pain, and I was offered help. It was difficult to refuse professional help of those, who with such enthusiasm in their eyes wanted to help, and knew how to do it. Trainings were held in a friendly atmosphere, with modern equipments and accompanied by therapists, who actually are experts in their field. Rehabilitation flew by very quickly. Exercises, massages, shock-wave therapy and, of course, the “homework” had positive influence on my health. After a course of rehabilitation, the pain disappeared. And I got a great experience with positive people, together with baggage of valuable tips and tricks. Thanks to the whole “Innovo” team for the friendly atmosphere, and especially to Yaropolk, Volodymyr and Evgen for their care, compassion and assistance.

Mariana Golub

Emiliya Hozeeva, Department for children


We have positive results

In the center “Innovo” we are for the first and probably not the last time. We liked everything: the atmosphere of warmth, everyone’s good mood, and an individual approach to all children. There is a very kind, charming administrator Irina (our compatriot), level-headed pediatrician Adriana and exceptional therapists. Everybody here is very responsive, friendly and they are professionals in their line of work!
Emilia trained diligently, and we have positive results. She always came to the gym gladly and in a good humor.
Thank you all for your patience, good faith and love!!!!
We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Dzvenyslava Popovich, Department for children


They love me here, and this is the most important thing

Hi everyone! My name is Dzvinka. I am 1 year and 10 months old. I am a cheerful and funny girl, but need more attention, care, warmth and love…
I am here, in the rehabilitation center “INNOVO”, for the first time. Here I am learning to sit, crawl, stand, walk, and all of this happens with such merriment!
I also fell in love with everyone, therefore it is not my last visit.
We will meet again!

Dzvinka Popovich

Anastasiya Katsiuba, Department for children


Thank you

Thank you for your patience, work, and endurance. I hope that during the next course we will have trainings in the “Adeli” suit.

Anastasia Katsiuba

Nazariy Nikanshyn, Department for children


Mother’s heart rejoices

First of all, I want to say “thank you” for the fruitful, and, most importantly, effective work carried out with Nazar. Mother’s heart rejoices upon seeing those first uncertain, but independent child’s steps. And I also want to add that, to our son, it is important that the people who surround him be not just physical therapists, massage therapists or other specialists in the medical field, it is important that they become his friends. Therefore, I am confident that Nazar looks forward to the next meeting. And if you ever be in our area – come visit us! We wish you all good, sunny and positive mood!!! Thank you!

Nikanyshyn family


Son is more confident in his abilities

The photo is taken at just the right moment, because when I ask Nazar, how was his training, he shows me the thumbs-up as well(meaning it was cool and fun). But seriously, we are very happy, because already after the 8th – 9th day of rehabilitation our son shows some results: he is more confident in his abilities, overcomes his fear, and his legs became more obedient. Afterwards, my son is in a good mood which he generously shares with us. Thanks to the “INNOVO” team, and take care of yourself – we need you :)))

Nikanyshyn family

(third course of rehabilitation)

Yulian Storozh, Department for children


Yulian very much wants to train here

The most valuable treasure for parents is their children’s health.
Our Yulian is a very bright child, but Cerebral Palsy does not allow that he walks. With the help of parents, family, friends and acquaintances, we are fighting with the disease of our son.
We are grateful to the employees of the rehabilitation center “INNOVO” for their responsive, professional attitude to the children, and our Yulian .
He really wants to go to the trainings here. With the help of such people, our son will run on the green grass and feed pigeons – a thing that he likes.

Thank you, see you in August.

The Storozh family

Yuriy Kiselev, Department for children


Made 11 steps, for the first time, completely unaided

We began visiting rehabilitation center “Innovo ” and after two weeks of rehabilitation, Yura became more energetic and active. And his first independent 11 steps he made with the words: “Look mom, I walk on my own”. It is the most profound happiness for me, we’re very pleased with the results.
I want to express my most sincere gratitude to the staff of “Innovo” for their work, for giving hope to our children, so they could feel better and more confident. Thanks to all the staff for their care and patience. I wish everyone good health and prosperity!

Yura’s Mother

Tatiana Pukas, Department for children


Tanya greatly trusts the therapist

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!!
This is our second course of rehabilitation at “Innovo”. Tanya, like the first time, worked with pride and pleasure during the training. She really trusts the therapist, who in return immerse themselves fully in their work, because only people with a special heart can so gently treat our children during rehabilitation. Thanks to neurologist Mrs. Olga for the professional examination of Tanya. Also thanks to the pediatrician Mrs. Adriana for professional and attentive treatment of my daughter. We wish you and your family health!
See you soon!

Tatiana’s Mother

Vladyslav Zamriy, Department for children


We will come to you another time – on foot, with our own legs

I want to thank everyone who worked with Vladyslav. You are very friendly, sincere and warm family-like team. Every day we come to you smiling. In addition to the exercises, the girls gave great moral support to Vladislav, and he did everything without tears, but with great interest. Moms aren’t required to attend the trainings, since the child is in safe and confident hands. All of the specialists are very attentive and caring. A team is sincere in feelings and thoughts, and the child feels that and flourishes. It is great for parents and brings about excellent results for child.
We wish you inspiration in your work. We will come to you again.

Stay healthy and happy!!!

Mother Kateryna
Dad Petro
Vladyslav and Danylo

Ksenia Gvozdyak, Department for children


They help children feel more capable

First of all, I am very grateful to the employees of the center “Innovo” for their being friendly, hardworking, attentive and kind. Secondly, they helped me stand upright and so I finally felt that I was standing on my own two feet! They help other kids feel stronger. In the center “Innovo” there is an atmosphere of love, tenderness and care. And yet it is such fun.

I came up with a rhyme for the suit “Adeli”:
Suit “Adeli”
Can only models wear.
Because it’s true: I am a model
and I wear a suit “Adeli”.


Thank you! (Mother)


Here you can be yourself

There everything is special: special kids with special needs, special staff with special hearts, a special atmosphere.
INNOVO is like a small hive, where every employee is a tireless bee. And they make special pills for body and soul!
Who said that we have limited opportunities? They are infinite: an ability to love, to be friends, to feel and to trust. Here no one laughs at other people’s failures and we rejoice at each small victory. Here you can be yourself.

Thank you all and hope to meet you again.


Oksana Pelenska, Department for children


Received a lot of positive emotions

We first visited the rehabilitation center “Innovo” in Lviv, where we received a lot of positive impressions and good emotions. First of all, it’s the atmosphere of this place: this peaceful atmosphere, the hospitality, generosity, and especially the manifestation of concern for each visitor, a sincere desire to help those in need.
I want to note that especially pleasantly surprises the individual approach prior to the beginning of the work with a child – an establishment of friendly rapport, so that during those intensive hours of rehabilitation one may hear kids’ artless laughter . For moms this is a great happiness, a guarantee of success and further achievements of the child.
From the parents and sister of Oksanka we would like to express our gratitude to the whole team of “Innovo” for the great work you do for our children, your ability to love and accept something “different”, something “special”, and for this great manifestation of humanity.
Our whole family is very happy that Lviv has “Innovo”!!!
Good luck to you, wishing you great achievements in the development of your rehabilitation practice.

Sincerely grateful,
Oksanka’s family

Lukyan Nakhlyi, Department for children


They care for children as if they were their own

I’m impressed!
The staff is very friendly, kind, helpful, positive. They care for children as if they were their own. I feel like am not a mother, for a while (with positive connotations).
All training is conducted in an upbeat key. Thank you very much for the feelings of warmth and comfort. I want to see you again!
Thank you! Keep it up!
I wish you growth, development, good mood( which you have enough already)!

Mother Olga and Lukyan!

Marco Baschuk, Department for children


Your basis is definitely the best

HELLO! I am the mother of a 7-year-old boy who has Cerebral Palsy, spastic tetraparesis. My baby can’t sit, stand, walk, can’t hold himself up with his hands. He can’t eat, dress, play on his own. A lot of “no”… but I see him smile, his eyes are sparkling with life. He is kind and smart. He wishes aplenty. He knows how to love.
I, like every other mother, have an extraordinary responsibility for such a child. I have read a lot, have seen many things, listened and learned a lot . I worked with a lot of wonderful doctors, therapists, massage therapists, herbalists. We have undergone a great number of medical tests, consulted with many well-known specialists in this field in Ukraine and abroad. We went through medicamental treatment and courses of rehabilitation in hospitals and medical centers in Kyiv, Lviv, Slovakia. Were in Truskavets, Khmelnytsky, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Kryvyi Rig, Sevastopol, Partenit, Odessa. I spent a long time in conversations with the priests and monks of Ukrainian churches and abroad. I am in contact with families from Austria, Baltic countries and Russia. We had ippotherapy, dolphinotheraphy, osteopathy, reflexotheraphy, laser therapy, swimming…
In general, the experience is awesome!!! What am I leading to? I realized that you have to do a lot and try EVERYTHING. But the base, the stem, the rod of life is the faith in God and physical rehabilitation. “Innovo” gave us this second thing. We have been undergoing the training sessions for about a year now. Yes, the centre is a new concept, and not all the things planed by this people are done yet. The basis is definitely the best. We are planning to train here at upcoming years. Speak and write about it we may a lot, to experience it in person would be the best. Come, go through a course. And you will see that you will return again. There is no magic pill, there is only hard work. But when it’s a type of work with positive, kind, joyful mood and good results on the physical plane… why not try it?
Make all the right choises!

Halyna Tkachuk

Yuriy Klympush, Department for children

Yura becomes more confident

It is our 2nd time here and we are very pleased with the results. Yura goes to trainings with great pleasure. Each time he becomes more confident in his ability to walk.
It is the greatest happiness – to see your own child taking his first independent steps..
Thank you very much for your hard work!
Be happy!!!

Yura Klympush, together with mother Victoria and brother Arseniy!


Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!

Now I can stand up on my own without any support!
Thank you, dear therapists!
You do perform miracles!
Looking forward to our next meeting!

Yura Klympush (III course),
brother Arseniy, mother Vikroriya!

Anastasia Kysil, Department for children

Анастасія Кисіль

We are very pleased

Hello! We are the Kysil family, lead by our dearest daughter Anastasia. We had rehabilitation courses at many rehabs, but we had never met such a friendly, funny and caring staff anywhere else. This is our first course and we are very pleased with the atmosphere of this place, work of these remarkable people and doctors. Going on vacation with positivity, hope and a great desire to meet again.
We wish you success, health, prosperity!
Thank you!!!

Mother Nadiya


Our daughter became stronger, more active and sociable

Good day!

This is our second course of rehabilitation, and it is certainly not the last, because our daughter gained new skills, became stronger, more active, more sociable and it is only to INNOVO that she rides with a great desire for work and a smile on her face.
A big and sincere thank you to all your staff for the hard work, caring, good heart. You are always open to help, suggest, advice on what is best for our child.
Thank you!!! See you soon!

Kysil family

Andriy Tregub, Department for children


Looking forward to the next course of rehabilitation

We liked it very much!!! Looking forward to the next course of rehabilitation!

Tregub family

Vira Boyko, Department for children

Віра Бойко

Our child is happy

We are the Boyko family. Our daughter Vira had a rehabilitation course at “Innovo” for the first time. We are amazed, our child is happy and we are pleased with the rehabilitation course, the warm atmosphere of this place, the unique approach to each child. We wish prosperity to “Innovo”. And for all the staff we wish to continue being so kind, sympathetic and patient.
We want to come again!

With gratitude,
Boyko family


We thank for the unique approach and experiences for each child

We are very grateful to the centre “INNOVO” for their lot of work, patience, positive attitude and kindness, for the individual approach and experiences for each child entering the center (achieved with joint efforts, with our own and the physicians’ hard work). We were able to achieve great success in our health’s improvement. We are very pleased with our second course of rehabilitation, we are looking forward to the next meeting.

With gratitude,
Boyko family

Lesya Yaremchuk, Department for adults


In the Rehabilitation Center “Innovo” specialists will definitely help you

In December 2013, I received treatment in the Rehabilitation Center “Innovo” for the first time.
The system of physical exercises in the suit “Adeli” that was chosen personally for me, gave good results: I have strengthened the muscles of my arms and legs, now easier to move.
I became certain that in “Innovo” work only bona fide specialists. Moreover, all the staff at the Rehabilitation Center are simply wonderful people – tactful, friendly, attentive to each and every patient. That is why, after three and a half months, I decided to repeat the course at “Inovo”. Exercises on balance were added to the system that I did earlier. I hope this will help me feel more confident.
I sincerely wish all the employees strong health and great success in their such a prominent work.
And for people who have problems with locomotor apparatus, I would like to say: “Rehabilitation center “Innovo” can and will help you”.

Lesya Yaremchuk

Igor Mykytchak, Department for adults

Ігор Микитчак

We are very happy that we made a right choice

April 26, 2012 turned out to be ill-fated day for our family… This was the day my husband suffered an acute stroke. But God took pity on us and since that everything has gone on the mend.
In October 2013, we learned about the opening of the Rehabilitation Center “Innovo”, where we immediately sought help. We were met by the specialists.
Each morning my husband with great pleasure rushes to the center, where he regains anew his bodily functions, receives new impressions from a wonderful specialist, Mr. Igor.
For us, every day brings something new, we rejoice with each new movement.
We believe that this center will bring about a full recovery for my husband. We are very happy that we made a right choice and had the rehabilitation course at “Innovo”, the centre which corresponds to European standards.
Thank you all, and especially to Mr. Yaropolk and Mr.Igor – you are the best.
May God bless you for further work!

Sincerely thankful,
Mykytchak family

Denys Spektor, Department for adults

Спектор Денис

I can freely move without fear of experiencing pain

“Innovo” is a breath of fresh air in the field of physical rehabilitation. I contacted the center with pain in my quadratus lumborum muscle.
As soon as I came to the center, I felt the care and attentiveness. This is what I call a qualified approach to each and every patient. I was examined quickly and had my program of treatment compiled.
I noticed some improvement already after the first training. After a course of physiotherapy, all pain and discomfort in the lumbar section of my spine disappeared. And for the first time in these few months I felt that I can move freely, without anticipating pain.
I want to sincerely thank this team of extremely talented professionals of the rehabilitation center and personally to Mr. Yaropolk for their care, concern and professionalism.
I wish you all success and prosperity!

Denys Spektor

Iryna Dubinina, Department for adults

Ірина Дубініна

After two months of rehabilitation I experienced relief

Got in touch with “Innovo” due to an acute pain in my back, in addition to this I had an acute pain in my right leg, which I could feel down to my toes. In short, it was difficult for me to walk, to sleep, to lie on my back…
After two months of rehabilitation, I sensed relief (massage, complex of exercises). I diligently do all the physical exercises at home and feel no pain. Every two weeks I visit “Innovo” and Mr. Orest works with me. Now the pain had disappeared completely.
Honestly, six months ago I wouldn’t have believed it. All the surgeons, neurosurgeons, whom we visited, definitely talked about the operation. Thank you!!!

It is cold everywhere in snowy winter,
Nothing pleases me, my back hurts .
A dull pain in my leg,
I sleep badly,
I pray only for relief…

Flowers are all-around, spring is here
My back is hurting no more
Hard work, exercise and massage.
INNOVO, thank you!!! How would I live without you?

Iryna Dubinina