About our center

Pain negatively impairs the quality of life and is the main reason why people seek medical care. Great responsibility is required from the medical staff so as to correctly interpret the painful manifestations of the disease in order to determine the specificity of pathology and methods of its treatment.

Innovo in translation from Latin means “I restore”. The Сеnter for Physical Rehabilitation “Innovo” was founded in 2009. In 2014 we have received a medical license and began operating as “Medical Center of Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine “Innovo”. We have 2 separate departments: one for adults and the other for children. Our aim lies in aiding in the quality of human life and its physical condition improvement.

Due to effective teamwork of doctors and physical therapists, we:

– help to recover physical health after surgeries and traumatic injuries;
– identify the cause of pain and disorders of the locomotor apparatus;
– treat algetic and movement disorders in an optimum way,our work is based on European Rehabilitation Protocols;
– provide prophylaxis for prevention of locomotor apparatus diseases;
– at the Medical Center “Innovo” we have implemented an innovative program of physical rehabilitation for children with after- effects of Cerebral Palsy.

License of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine АЕ №282471 from January 26, 2014.