Physical therapy with Cerebral Palsy

At Medical Center of Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine “Innovo” we opened department for children, where our specialist help kids with Cerebral Palsy (CP). It was opened in 2013.

In the Center “Innovo” we created all conditions for physical rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy. For each child individually qualified specialist chooses a method of rehabilitation. Before the course little patient will be examined by physical therapist and doctors of different profiles: neurologist, pediatrician. During the training, several physical therapists are working with one child. We do so for better effect of our trainings. In the process, we use modern equipments that meet norms of European Rehabilitation Clinics.

Our employees are certified specialists in Physical Rehabilitation. They have brought work-experience in Ukrainian and European clinics. We constantly improve our professional level, we are members of Global Associations of Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine. Rehabilitation techniques that we use in our practice are evidence-based. That is corroborated with experience, multiplied by professionalism of the staff, modern methods of physical rehabilitation. They support and improve the quality of life of our little patients.

All the trainings in our center are painless! Physical therapy is conducted at rest, with child’s psycho-emotional state taken into account. We follow the rule: “only positive emotions”.When a child does exercises with a positive attitude, workout effect increases. Therefore, we conduct game-based physical trainings. Child performs movements that are necessary for the training or help him/her to acquisition a particular skill.

At “Innovo” we use following methods of physical therapy:

– Dynamic load suit “Adeli” is a unique method for the rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy. The suit was created according to the principle of anti-gravitation. Now it is used for the correction of functional disorders of the system.

– Suspension system UGUL and Spider are special suspension systems, created for locomotor apparatus loading, restoration of motion range, normalization of muscle tone and muscle strengthening.

– Active and passive gymnastics, diagonal gymnastics, neuro- developmental therapy Bobath and American PNF therapy – methods, that facilitate mobilization of the joints, stimulate motor development, help to prevent contractions and deformities.

– Vibrotherapy – usage of Australian kinesio- therapeutical simulator HyperVibe helps to increase efficiency of physical exercises. The vibration of this machine has a positive effect on body tissue.

– Massage (General, acupressure, segmental) used for relaxation or stimulation of certain groups of muscles.

Physical therapy promotes development, conservation and restoration of maximum motor and functional abilities of the child.

Diagnostics provided on time, together with physical therapy helps to avoid surgery, various complications and improve motor skills of your child. With this purpose, our center offers a program of early intervention for children that have five months. This is complex of physical, breathing and reflex exercise. With the help of this program, already in the early stages of physical child’s development, some symptoms of disease may be reduced and secondary complications can be omitted.


Methods of Medical Center of Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine “Innovo”:

Dynamic load suit “Adeli”

Dynamic load suit “Adeli” is a unique method for the rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy. The suit was created according to the principle of anti-gravitation.

Suit “Adeli’ consist of the following elements: vest, shorts, knee pads, hat, shoes and elastic laces. The suit creates measured load on the locomotor apparatus, captures the correct physiological position of the body. At the same time, it corrects trajectory of movements without limitation of amplitude.

Conduction of therapy trainings with costume “Adeli” is aimed at:
– normalization of muscle tone (correction of pathological reflexes);
– weakness overcoming (hypotrophy, atrophy) of separate muscles groups;
– correction of pathological positions of the locomotor apparatus (arms, legs, spine);
– formation of vestibular and antigravity reactions (balance and space-orientation);
– improvement of muscles and joints sensation (proprioception);
– improvement of overall arms and legs resistibility;
– improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Suspension system therapy UGUL

UGUL is a unique method of suspended and block therapy, which can relieve muscles, approaching it to the state of weightlessness. In addition, load them effectively, if necessary. Methodology of UGUL-therapy was developed in Poland.

Suspension therapy UGUL helps to strengthen muscles and it is effective even in cases when patient is unable to move on his/her own in space. This effect is achieved trough system of suspension used. Patient can move without fear of falling.

When using system of suspensions you can unload and limp different groups of muscles and at the same time significantly reduce pain.

The HyperVibe Vibrating Platform

The HyperVibe vibrating platform is an Australian kineso- therapeutic trainer, its vibrations have positive effect on body tissues.
Vibration of the human body is a natural phenomenon that occurs while person is moving, walking, running or jumping.

The use of vibrotherapy for increase of efficiency from exercising with help of HyperVibe will allow you to:
– reduce or eliminate back / joints pain;
– increase strength of muscles, amplitude of jointal motion;
– increase density of bones affected by osteoporosis;
– improve blood circulation;
– improve balance;
– speed up the metabolism;
– relax spastic muscles.

Gymnastics (PNF, diagonal gymnastics)

In all muscles, joints, ligaments there are elements that respond to stretching or compression. With some manipulations when influencing receptors we may stimulate, initiate and facilitate the execution of any movement. PNF method is the range of exercises that helps to stretch painful, tensed muscles of the body. Positive thing – all stretching exercises of this method, patient can apply in everyday life.

The exercises according to the method of diagonal gymnastics involves active and passive effects on the locomotor apparatus receptors with the purpose of normalization (through impulses in the CNS) of brain and spinal cord. Activity of which helps to maintain correct posture, locomotion (walking, running, swimming), communication (writing, speaking, gestures, facial expressions), manipulation (object-oriented activity).

Method of diagonal gymnastics helps to reduce muscle tone, hyperkinesis, improve coordination and precision of movements, improve mobility, add new skills.