The cost of treatment in the Innovo children’s department will change on 1 March

Dear parents!

It is the very first time that we turned to you with such a letter. The children’s department at the Innovo Medical Center has worked for three years now. During this time we have helped hundreds of our little patients. We are developing rapidly and strongly. We have great faith in the success of our business and big plans for the future.

Regrettably, the time of Innovo’s establishment coincided with the well-known events in our country, which have been accompanied by economic problems, rising prices, and falling living standards.

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Lack of movement − a straight path to illness

Author: Yaropolk Pshyk, physical therapist, director of the Innovo Medical Center of Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine

People often think: “I’m on the run all day! Coming from work, going to work, returning home, walking around the house, kids, housework…”This, in theory, is physical activity, but it is not as rationed, systematic, and regular as it should be. First and foremost, a person should realize by themselves that there is no physical activity in their life, that their working day looks as follows: morning-breakfast-commuting-work-evening-trip back-home. In fact, “physical activity” means regular physical strain, engagement in some kind of sport; the recommended frequency is three times a week for at least one, but preferably two, hours per day.

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The strongest team


Once, during a consultation at our medical center, a father of one child told us the story of her illness. The man spoke very professionally and comprehensively, so we had the impression that he is a medical specialist. Then he was asked, whether he is a doctor.So, the father of this child with a very complex disease, replied: “No, you can see I had no other choice…”. Often people, who become parents to children with special needs, as well become, to a certain extent, specialists in a medical field, because they have no other choice, and we may say that in such cases a “diploma” is issued not by any University, but by life itself.

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“Better a truth that may slay me, than I be consoled by falsehoods!”


“Don’t you ever tell anyone else the words you’ve just told me” with a such a phone call started one of our days at the Children’s Department of our Medical Center. On the phone was a mom, who recently consulted our center regarding the health of her child. The conclusion of our doctors, after the child’s examination, was that her condition is so severe that it won’t allow her to undergo physical therapy at our center. Even more: physical therapy as such is contraindicated for this child, because of exercise being so draining on her.

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No pill can cure Scoliosis!

Author: Yaropolk Pshyk, physical therapist, Director of the Medical Center of Physical Therapy and Pain Medicine “Innovo”

Your child seems healthy and then it turns out he/she has scoliosis? What are the causes of this affliction? And what can you do to ensure that there is no need for the “scoliosis” word in your family lexicon?

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Author: Zakhar Kozii, physical therapist

Yuriy Bashchuk photography (

Remembering my first day of work at the rehabilitation center for children with special needs. I came to work early in the morning, so as to be on time. I looked around and saw that everyone is getting ready to go somewhere. And I knew that the staff in this rehabilitation center often takes the children to fascinating places:natural wells and springs, the city parks, the cinema, theater or different art exhibitions. But had no idea where we were going this time. Do you know how one feels during his first day at work? Somehow like you’re not in your place. I was yet “walled off” from everyone, didn’t know who is who. Later I learned that we were going to the natural well in Rakivets. I helped a driver to put the wheelchairs into a car. We all got into the car. I was given a child to hold,a three year old boy. And we went. 

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”A double treatment”

During one of the sessions of physical therapy in our medical center, the child looked very tired, although the rehabilitation course has started just a few days ago, and he shouldn’t have been so exhausted. In conversation with physical therapists he said that after the training at “Innovo”, lasting two and a half hours, his mother, instead of giving him the opportunity to rest after the exercise, immediately took him to some woman for a massage. And,as it was clear from the words of the child, that so-called “specialist” also applied manual therapy.

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“Innovo” takes over experience of European specialist


In the photo: Staff of the “Innovo” center with Professor Hans Forsberg (second from the right ) and Volodymyr Martyniuk ( first on the left) – director of Ukrainian Medical Rehabilitation Center For Children with Organic Lesions of the Nervous System.

Members of our medical center participated in the seminar conducted by the Chairman of the European Academy of Childhood Disability, Professor Hans Forsberg. The workshop was held at the Ukrainian Medical Rehabilitation Center for Children with Organic Lesions of the Nervous System on June 13, in Kyiv. Hans Forsberg is a child neurologist from Sweden. During the workshop we had a chance to listen to practical advise on how to improve the provision of health care for children with special needs. He told us about the methods of rehabilitation and the treatment approaches for Cerebral Palsy in different countries of the world,with one of the topics concerning the plasticity of the brain. According to Mr. Hans, in European medical practice during the rehabilitation of children with Cerebral Palsy, the specialists zero in on not the affected area of the brain, but on the prospect of a healthy part’s development.

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